Complete Set of Air Separation Plant
Complete Set of Natural Gas (Associated Gas) Liquefaction and Separation Plants
Industrial Gas & Cryogenic Liquid
Cryogenic Liquid Storage & Transportation Equipment and Vaporizers
Aluminum Plate-fin Heat Exchangers
Turbo-expanders and Cryogenic Liquid Pumps
HV & LV Electric/ Instrumentation Control System
Vessel Heads
LNG, LNG/L-CNG Filling Station & LNG Cylinders for Trucks
Pressure Vessel, Shell-and-tube Heat Exchanger, Air Cooler, Columns, & Non-standard Equipment
Equipment Installation
Sales of Various Products in International Market
Sales of Various Products in International Market

The company owns the export and import license. After years of exploring international market, the company has exported dozens of air separation plants and LNG plants all over the world among which includes a 24,000Nm3/h air separation plant to India, a 42,000Nm3/h air separation plant to Turkey, a 20,000 Nm3/h air separation plant to Saudi Arabia, a 22,000Nm3/h air separation plant to Egypt and a 450,000Nm3/h and a 280,000Nm3/h LPG plant to Burma.

In order to meet the demands of the foreign clients, the air separation plant and LNG liquefaction plant are designed and manufactured as per ASME, API and CE.

8000Nm3/h air separation plant cold box, waiting for shipping to Mexico
Signing Ceremony of 42000Nm /h Air Separation Plant Exported to Turkey
22000Nm3/h air separation plant exported to Egypt
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