Complete Set of Air Separation Plant
Complete Set of Natural Gas (Associated Gas) Liquefaction and Separation Plants
Industrial Gas & Cryogenic Liquid
Cryogenic Liquid Storage & Transportation Equipment and Vaporizers
Aluminum Plate-fin Heat Exchangers
Turbo-expanders and Cryogenic Liquid Pumps
HV & LV Electric/ Instrumentation Control System
Vessel Heads
LNG, LNG/L-CNG Filling Station & LNG Cylinders for Trucks
Pressure Vessel, Shell-and-tube Heat Exchanger, Air Cooler, Columns, & Non-standard Equipment
Equipment Installation
Sales of Various Products in International Market
Vessel Heads

SASPG is the strongest professional vessel head producer in Southwest China and has the largest product ranges.

The company has imported from Italy a large-sized dishing & flanging machine and has the 880T, 1000 T & 4000 T hydraulic presses to fabricate various large thin-walled vessel heads, non-standard & non-conventional vessel heads and pressed & spun parts. These products have been widely used in various industries, such as petroleum industry, chemical industry, aeronautic & space industry, medical industry, food industry, light industry and machine building industry.

Conical Vessel Head used for Air Separation Plant Large-sized Spun Conical Vessel Head
Stainless Steel Head Conical Vessel Head used for Air Separation Plant
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