Complete Set of Air Separation Plant
Complete Set of Natural Gas (Associated Gas) Liquefaction and Separation Plants
Industrial Gas & Cryogenic Liquid
Cryogenic Liquid Storage & Transportation Equipment and Vaporizers
Aluminum Plate-fin Heat Exchangers
Turbo-expanders and Cryogenic Liquid Pumps
HV & LV Electric/ Instrumentation Control System
Vessel Heads
LNG, LNG/L-CNG Filling Station & LNG Cylinders for Trucks
Pressure Vessel, Shell-and-tube Heat Exchanger, Air Cooler, Columns, & Non-standard Equipment
Equipment Installation
Sales of Various Products in International Market
HV & LV Electric/ Instrumentation Control System

The company is the integration of design, manufacture, erection and commissioning for instrument and electric automation. The products of the company are divided into two parts: the instrument automation system and the electric control system.

The instrument automation system covers the DCS system, ESD emergency shutdown system, ITCC compressor control system, analyzer system, local control cabinet and complete set of instruments including the detecting elements for primary temperature, pressure, flow and liquid level, the adjusting valves and actuators. The company has signed the cooperation agreements with HONEYWELL (USA), YOKOGAWA (Japan), SIEMENS (Germany), ABB (Sweden) and HollySys for the DCS system and can directly obtain the technical support and the latest & newest control technology from these companies.

The electric control system includes the various high/low-voltage switchgears and the various control cabinets and power distributors for compressors, expanders, medical equipment, etc. Among them, the Model CKGGD2*CKGGD3*CKGCS& XL power distributors have been awarded with CCC certificates (Chinese Mandatory Product Certification Certificate) issued by CQC. The Model KYN28 High- voltage Switchgear has been provided with the type test report issued by the Northeast Power Science Research Institute.

Electric control products manufactured by SASPG have been widely used in, scientific research, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, light industry, medical industry, aerospace industry, construction industry, power plant, construction machinery and other fields. Meanwhile, SASPG has been listed as qualified supplier of CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation). Some of the products have been exported to Turkey, Poland, India, Egypt and other countries, and have passed CE authentication.

Air Separation Plant DCS System
KYN28 High-voltage Control System
CKGCS Low-voltage Distribution System
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