Complete Set of Air Separation Plant
Complete Set of Natural Gas (Associated Gas) Liquefaction and Separation Plants
Industrial Gas & Cryogenic Liquid
Cryogenic Liquid Storage & Transportation Equipment and Vaporizers
Aluminum Plate-fin Heat Exchangers
Turbo-expanders and Cryogenic Liquid Pumps
HV & LV Electric/ Instrumentation Control System
Vessel Heads
LNG, LNG/L-CNG Filling Station & LNG Cylinders for Trucks
Pressure Vessel, Shell-and-tube Heat Exchanger, Air Cooler, Columns, & Non-standard Equipment
Equipment Installation
Sales of Various Products in International Market

As a member Compressor Association of China and with more than 40 years’ experience, the company has designed and manufactured a variety of series of compressors such as air compressor, oxygen compressor, nitrogen compressor, ammonia compressor, acetylene compressor, argon compressor, carbon dioxide compressor, natural gas compressor, nitrogen & hydrogen compressor, methanol compressor and petroleum gas compressor which has been widely used in air separation, metallurgy industry, medical industry, centralized oxygen supply, gas filling, food industry, beverages industry, aluminum powder, chemical fertilizer, electronic industry, organic synthesis industry, CNG refueling station and LNG station and etc. The company has nearly 100 kinds of products in eight categories in which piston load is from 10kN to 500kN, discharg capacity from 40Nm3/h to 20000Nm3/h and discharge pressure up to 40MPa.

Devoted to designing and developing oil free compressor for many years, SASPG has cultivated a large number of technical personnel and accumulated rich experience and achievements.

Thus SASPG has unique insight towards key technology of oil free compressor. The design of oil free compressor guarantees the medium shall not be contaminated during compression. Due to oil filling and de-greasing device are not required and low resistance during operation, it’s not only energy-saving and environment friendly, but also running low cost and less maintenance.

Adhering to independent innovation, SASPG not only provide high quality products, but also promote company image with quick and considerate service. With complete after-sales service system, SASPG can ensure good operation of the product. We will help your company with better quality, higher cost-effective, shorter delivery and more satisfied service.

Model MW-36.3/10 Natural Gas Compressor Natural Gas Compressor
Oxygen Compressor High Purity Nitrogen Compressor
Model DW-1.57/28.5-42.5 Natural Gas Compressor
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