Chief ?Lecture
The group structure
Culture Stimulates Development
Based on China, Serving the world
Culture Stimulates Development

>Strength Comes from Cohesion.

Enterprises have their own culture, as people have their own thought, thus we could move forward. As a resource, culture is regarded as SASPG’s soul and core value system, and penetrated into all aspects of enterprise management, hereby establishing enterprise culture with SASPG’s characteristic.

SASPG’s Enterprise Spirit:
All for Customers, All for Development.

SASPG’s Value Concept:
Satisfy our State, Satisfy our Society, Satisfy our Customers and Satisfy our Staff.

SASPG’s Development Perspective:
Insist on Self-innovation to Build the Eternal SASPG Foundation.

SASPG’s Development Policy:
Creative Innovation, Competitive Products, Large Scale and High Benefits.

SASPG’s Development Strategy:
Excellent Technology, Specialized Production, First-class Quality, High-Level Complete Set of Plant and Allorientated Management.

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