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Based on China, Serving the world
Based on China, Serving the world

SASPG improves its market position through global marketing strategy, informationalized marketing system and efficient and accurate market response. Wherever we are and whenever it is, the staff of SASPG firmly upholds the service concept “All for Customers, All for Development”, actively communicate with customers, communicate attentively, response quickly, know what customers want, worry what customers worry, and provide customers prominent service.

Based on China, Serving the world!

SASPG has established a perfect and mature sale and service network. In Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, SASPG has its own branch offices while in Urumqi, Shenyang, Wuhan, Jinan and Chengdu, SASPG has its sale departments and in Guangdong and Zhejiang, it has its own production base.

SASPG has already supplied equipment widely used in the aerospace industry, iron and steel industry, metallurgical industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, and electronic industry . Our products are distributed to each province of China, including Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and America. SASPG boasts of the largest variety of products among its counterparts in China and is placed in the leading position in terms of competitiveness in China.

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